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    Beaker bongs get their name and their distinctive shape from classic laboratory beakers. The bong is defined by a wide flared base, which tapers up into a straight neck. This design mimics the shape of an Erlenmeyer flask, which is designed to maximize the volume and surface area of the bottom of the chamber.
    4 products
    Titan Mesoamerican 7mm beaker bong-Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis Manitoba
    Titan Mesoamerican 7mm Beaker-16"
    Titan beaker 7mm Scooby Doo image-Morden Vape SuperStore & Cannabis Dispensary in Manitoba
    Titan 7mm Beaker Scooby Doo beaker image
    Titan Scooby-Doo 7mm Beaker-14"
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    Cannatonik 9mm Tree Of Life 16" Bong